Creativity Now is a retreat for creatives of all kinds who want to connect with their own creativity and be surrounded by a community of understanding creatives.

So many creatives crave the space, time and support that facilitates focus and attention the hungry artist within desires. This is a facilitated retreat that gives you that space, time and support.

This retreat is for you if…

  • you have an unfinished creative project that wants support to be complete
  • you have creativity within you that has been unplugged for some time and you want to reconnect with that vitality
  • you want to stop working 12 jobs and build an income from your creative expression
  • you need a retreat and want it to include creative expression and creative cross-training
  • your day job requires you to be the teacher or facilitator of creative process and you really want to have your own creative time off-the-clock with someone else supporting you

Join us for our Fall 2014 retreat in the beautiful national forests of Southern Oregon.

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